Retail Flooring Sales Specialist Demographics

Flooring sales specialist demographics research summary. You can read the entire report by clicking on the link below:

Why More is Not Necessarily Better

Why more may not be better. At least as far as I am concerned… I was doing research on the “18 Minute Rule” and skill development and stumbled upon some really interesting information about people’s attention span and their ability to remain focused on a topic and remember the information presented. I have an extremely […]

What is Your Success Word for 2023?

As a result of this morning’s Motivation to Move podcast, my word for the year is “Productive”. My mantra for the year. My personal mission statement. My raison d’ĂȘtre, if you will. But not productive in the “get-everything-done-everyday” way, but productive in the “get-important-things-to-me-done-everyday”. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, professionally, and interpersonally. Those are the things […]

Sales Success is Simple? It Sure Can Be

Sales Success is Simple? It Sure Can Be Selling Success Can Be Simple. Find the top performers and learn exactly what they do…and then do it. When you are starting out (or if you have been “just getting by” for years) you will starve and become disillusioned by trying it your own way. Leave your […]

The Devil is ALWAYS in the Details

As professional salespeople, it is in our best interest to sell not only the product, but the advantages of buying from our company, but most importantly, buying from US. Customers are looking for “Peace of Mind” and want to know WHY they should buy from us.

Critical Installation Shortage Threatens Us All

Installation Shortage Threatens Us All In the flooring industry, we are set to lose over 70 percent of the current professional flooring installers over the next ten years due to retirement. At this current rate the industry could be faced with critical installer shortages, not to mention rapidly increasing rates due to the laws of […]

DISC — Wavelength Communication

Wavelength Communication for Teams I took a DISC assessment last fall so I could see for myself how accurate they are to see if I should recommend them to my clients. I took my results and showed them to a number of friends and close business associates to see what they thought. If you look […]

The World Needs More GOTO’s

In my youth I was complaining about how I should get a raise where I worked because I had been there two whole summers. I said that I should get paid more than the new guys because of that. He asked, “well, what makes YOU more valuable to the company?” I came up with a […]

Mental Strength and Emotional Intelligence

Mental Strength and Emotional Intelligence Emotional intelligence is an absolute, whether it’s business, our career, our interpersonal relationships or just life in general. It’s a psychologically quantifiable fact that people who are unwilling or incapable of mastering these six tenets struggle or fail outright in the above-mentioned areas of life. The good news is each […]

Tough Decisions for CEO’s and Owners

There is a lot of discussion these days about layoffs and how public and even private companies are having to prioritize “profits over people” yet some feel it should be the other way around. But right, wrong, or indifferent that prioritization is a well-embedded necessity in the financial dynamics of business. And unfortunately, that is […]