Installation Shortage Threatens Us All

In the flooring industry, we are set to lose over 70 percent of the current professional flooring installers over the next ten years due to retirement. At this current rate the industry could be faced with critical installer shortages, not to mention rapidly increasing rates due to the laws of supply and demand. But this situation will mean a huge financial opportunity for new and existing installers.

A pro residential installer running just one crew consisting of themselves and one helper can make $150,000/yr or more based on their level of ambition. Commercial installers running larger crews can make well over $200,000/yr.

To help offset this impending critical shortage the Floor Covering Education Foundation, as well as other industry groups, are running training programs with guaranteed placement with scholarships available. Imagine your son or daughter earning that kind of income doing creative and fulfilling work with a high demand for their services and no crippling student debt.

I grew up in a family business and part of my early “education” was being trained to be a professional flooring installer. After three years of one-the-job-training I was able to professionaly install ninety percent of all residential and commercial flooring and make a great living in doing so.

Professional flooring installation is definitely worth recommending to people of any age who are able to do moderate physical work, especially high school graduates, and who want to earn an annual income in the top ninety-five percentile of the country after training.

If you have anyone who is interested, they can reach out to me and I can put them in touch with the appropriate contacts. It’s a real career, with guaranteed high income for the ambitious.
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