Mental Strength and Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is an absolute, whether it’s business, our career, our interpersonal relationships or just life in general. It’s a psychologically quantifiable fact that people who are unwilling or incapable of mastering these six tenets struggle or fail outright in the above-mentioned areas of life.

The good news is each one of these emotional intelligence strengths can be developed and improved but the process to success have to be followed:

1.) self-awareness of weakness(es) in ourselves (not others).
2.) a full personal accounting of how these weaknesses negatively affect our life and the lives of others.
3.) list all the positive outcomes that can be tied to having a high emotional intelligence score for us and others
4.) a commitment to learn how to turn weaknesses from negative to positive through self or professional help.
5.) document/journal both small and large improvements that happen everyday result from improving emotional intelligence.
6.) a continued focus on using newfound emotional intelligence tools to make situations always better and never worse.

I have found that we almost never have all six under our complete control. But the benefits of the process is that it becomes easier to identify temporary weaknesses and correct before we make things worse.

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