Our Newest Sales RESULTS Tool...

We are preparing to launch a specialized learning platform and community app designed for retail flooring sales professionals who want to enhance both their expertise, selling skills and their RESULTS.

Our mission for the app is to provide valuable skill-building opportunities for everyone from the newest sales associates to most highly-experienced professionals.


See more about our new App at:



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Our RESULTS Suite of Retail Flooring Durable Growth Programs and Services.

Browse through our retail flooring-specific programs, tools and services below to see exactly what we do and how we can help you increase your profitability.

Sales and Sales Management Training

In-person training programs designed to keep your team at their peak sales levels.

The Flooring University Program

A complete series of web-based, self-study certification courses for all levels of sales.

Pipeline Management System

Our system helps your sales teams track, manage and SELL their unsold customers.

Manufacturer Sponsored Private Sale Events

Our proprietary Private Sale Events leverage the Pipeline information to produce a month’s worth of business in a single day. 6X year.

The Sales Retriever Lead Conversion System

Ou proprietary lead “Retriever” continues to sell the customer on the benefits of buying from you without tying up your sales teams,

Sales and New Business Channel Development

We dan help you expand into additional flooring sales channels that leverage your current  resources to add bottom line profit.

What Does RetailRESULTS Offer to You...

Proven Proprietary Solutions

We only offer battle-tested and proven profitable solutions to help any retailer get the most out of their home furnishings and/or flooring business.

RESULTS-based Fee Structures

We pride ourselves on the RESULTS we deliver so our fees are a direct RESULT of our client’s success. Guaranteed!

Successful Retail Experience

RetailRESULTS has one of the most experienced and results-oriented teams in the industry. 

Flexibility and Scalability

We have delivered RESULTS for retailers in the home furnishings and/or flooring from $1M to over $1B in total sales. We know how to help you scale and grow.

Specialized Disciplines

All our partners & advisors have at least three decades and are active and current in their given areas of expertise.

Transparency and Metrics

Job One. From the very first meeting you will always know the steps, processes, budget and deliverable success metrics.

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