Sales Success is Simple? It Sure Can Be

Selling Success Can Be Simple. Find the top performers and learn exactly what they do…and then do it. When you are starting out (or if you have been “just getting by” for years) you will starve and become disillusioned by trying it your own way. Leave your ego at the door and get a performer as a mentor. They had one and many are willing to pay that forward. Then, once you are performing at about 80% of their level (you will be making really good money by then) learn to outwork every other salesperson.

Make no mistake, the top performers are at the top because 1.) they were willing to work longer and harder in the beginning at building a base of business that provides recurring revenue, 2.) they were willing to work the prospects and “work the leads”, 3.) they were willing to ask for referrals and then worked them like the gold they are and 4.) They were willing to do the work that others weren’t (ethical aggressiveness) to gain that early business and fought hard to keep it.

There is a recurring theme to this….it’s the adjective WILLING and the verb WORK. You have to be WILLING to learn, to follow, to replicate and execute every step of the way. There are no magic beans, two-day seminars or classes that will ever replace the WILLINGNESS to do the WORK…the right way.

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