The Devil is Always in the Details

As professional salespeople, it is in our best interest to sell not only the product, but the advantages of buying from our company, but most importantly, buying from US. Customers are looking for “Peace of Mind” and want to know WHY they should buy from us.

Without selling these advantages we are forced to compete just on price and there will always be someone who will do a job for less. And the lowest price company can never be in a long-term position to deliver the best service.

We need to establish what our top ten “Compelling Competitive Advantages” are to buy from us….and then communicate (sell) that to every potential customer as part of their customer journey. Don’t assume that they know ANY of them much less ALL of them.

If you want proof of how important this is to our customer, just read the reviews of any company. They are either 1.) glowing remarks about the company, the sales professional or the great crew or 2.) they list all the reasons that we let them down.

When the customer is in the evaluation phase of their purchase they are looking and listening for cues as to why they should buy from us. How do we make them feel comfortable? What pain (real or perceived) can we help them avoid? How do we help solve their problems? Peace of Mind.

We have to develop our own list of “Compelling Competitive Advantages” and have them in writing, posted on the wall and on our website, but most of all, we need to have them in our brains and part of our sales process. And don’t overlook the most compelling reason of all, when they buy from our company they get US as part of the package. That should be their #1 reason for them to buy from us, US.
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