Wavelength Communication for Teams

I took a DISC assessment last fall so I could see for myself how accurate they are to see if I should recommend them to my clients. I took my results and showed them to a number of friends and close business associates to see what they thought.

If you look at the graphic like a clock face my assessment came back as the equivalent of 11:59. High “D” and high “I”. My friends and associates all agreed, but the true test was my wife. She looked at the results and responded with only one word, “DUH”. So DUH it is…

As valuable as knowing my personality is, although I think we all have a good idea where we fall, I found the real value is in learning how different types of personalities interact and best relate (or not) to others. It’s maybe some of the most insightful and actionable “deep dive” behavioral analytics I’ve ever seen. It’s not about manipulating people, but it is about proper productive “wavelength communication” for mutual benefit. Not everyone relates and responds the same way.

I highly recommend using not only the assessment itself, but learning the underlying information about how to ethically and productively use the DISC RESULTS for good and not evil in your business.

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