As a result of this morning’s Motivation to Move podcast, my word for the year is “Productive”.

My mantra for the year. My personal mission statement. My raison d’être, if you will.

But not productive in the “get-everything-done-everyday” way, but productive in the “get-important-things-to-me-done-everyday”.

Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, professionally, and interpersonally.

Those are the things important to me.

I’m starting the year with the top three things in each of those categories that are most important to me and making sure I have been productive in each of those categories on some meaningful way every day.

Financial isn’t even on there. And no, it’s not because I have all I need or want. But there’s is an important reason for me that I left that off my “Personal Productivity Plan for 2023” (PPP²⁰²³). NOTE: Illiterative acronyms help me remember.

Just for fun, I’d love to hear why you think I didn’t include “financial” as part of my PPP²⁰²³. There are no wrong answers. But I will tell you why later…

Thanks to Scott Smith at Motivation to Move helping me get jump-started this year.

What’s your PPP²⁰²³?

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